Miller Primary Care

A new kind of integrative primary care

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Let’s work together to help you be well!

Welcome! I’m Dr. Betsy, a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor and founder of Miller Primary Care. I offer personalized, integrative primary care to individuals and families.

No two patients are completely alike and the way I practice medicine reflects that. Typically, I blend conventional and functional medicine with other healing approaches. My goal is to work with you to find a combination of modalities that is effective.

If you need surgery or other specialized treatment, I can also help. With ten plus years of experience working in a hospital setting, I can guide you through the complexities of the broader healthcare system and help coordinate your care.

My practice operates on a monthly membership model. Rather than being charged per visit, you pay a standard monthly fee. This makes things simple: I am able to offer longer appointments, more flexible scheduling, and alternative consultation options like telemedicine over the phone or text message.

More importantly, I have more time to listen to you and understand your unique healing needs.

I believe that each of us is made up of different parts: body, mind, soul, spirit, and energy. It is all a mystery, simultaneously an extremely individualized and shared experience.
— Dr. Betsy

My practice approach

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When I started my own practice after years working in a large hospital system, I was acutely aware of how our current model of healthcare can fall short. So I decided to do things differently.

Structuring Miller Primary Care around a monthly membership model allows me to spend more time with my patients than most doctors get to. I want to be genuinely accessible—and to collaborate with my patients rather than just hand out a diagnosis and a prescription. Why? The more I really get to know you, the better I can help.

My medical approach is multifaceted: I am open to whatever best serves you. This may look different from one patient to the next. The circumstances that brought you through my door are unique—and together, we’ll come up with a healing or wellness plan that reflects that. That could incorporate anything from dietary changes to medication to spending time outdoors.

Let’s talk!