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Dr. Betsy Miller

Dr. Betsy Miller, founder of Miller Primary Care, is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and primary care doctor with a practice in Richmond, Virginia. She moved to Richmond after graduating from Jefferson Medical College (now Sidney Kimmel Medical School) in Philadelphia. After completing her residency with the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System in 2007, she joined the VCUHS faculty, teaching and training other physicians.

Dr. Betsy sees her work as an opportunity to constantly learn and evolve. She brings that perspective into how she treats patients: integrating the best practices she learned (and taught) in medical school with the wisdom of healing traditions from around the world. While she respects the serious nature of medicine, she also believes that helping her patients can be fun—and a fascinating opportunity to explore the intricacies and interconnections of each human being.

Dr. Betsy was born and raised in York, PA. She and her husband, Colin, love their two young children, Alex and Abby. In her free time she can be found enjoying the outdoors, reading, making art or spending time with her family and friends.

I love being a doctor. I get to connect with people, contribute to my community, and feel the sense of purpose that comes from helping others live better lives. Plus, I get to be a role model for my kids!
— Dr. Betsy