My practice is here to help!

At Miller Primary Care, I can evaluate, diagnose, treat, or make a referral for any health concern you may have. When working with my patients, I typically assess their current health, treat acute conditions and injuries, support their recovery from chronic illness and disease, and help them develop ongoing wellness plans.

My specific services include:

  • General health evaluation: I recommend all patients have an annual checkup. During this session, I review your overall health status, discuss individual risk factors, perform routine screenings including labs, and explore any preventative measures or treatments you may need. 

  • Treating acute illness and injury: My practice can handle nearly all of your non-emergency needs, helping you avoid unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care centers. 

  • Chronic disease management: As a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist, I am specifically trained to treat a broad array of conditions. These include: hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disease, inflammatory diseases,  osteoarthritis, COPD/emphysema, asthma, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, and more.

  • Physicals: I can conduct all required examinations for employment, school, or surgical pre-op.

  • Referrals: As part of your personalized treatment plan, I make referrals to appropriate practitioners including Functional Medicine, complementary medicine, or conventional medicine sub-specialty care.

  • Telemedicine: Many medical concerns can be safely addressed by a phone call, video chat, email or secure messaging with photos. When medically appropriate, I offer care by all these modalities, saving you time and money.

Pricing and Payment Options

I operate under a unique practice model. My patients pay a $75 monthly membership fee rather than being charged per appointment. This allows me to see fewer patients, so I can offer greater flexibility and more attention to each individual person I work with.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $100.

I also offer a 10 percent discount to patients who pay for an entire year at once.

Please note: I do not accept insurance. Lab tests and in-office procedures may also result in additional fees.

Your $75 monthly membership to Miller Primary Care covers:

  • Unlimited visits (without co-pays)

  • Extended visit times of 30 and 60 minutes

  • Appointments that start and end on time

  • Preventive care, including adult health maintenance visits

  • Reduced pricing for lab testing

  • After-hours access to Dr. Betsy (for urgent health concerns)

  • Treatment over the phone, email, or other forms of telemedicine (when medically appropriate)

  • Priority access for urgent medical concerns

  • Secure electronic communication with Dr. Betsy via the patient portal

  • In-office procedures, such as stitches or skin glue, and shoulder, knee, and hip bursa injections (an additional $40 fee applies)

  • In-office lab tests (strep, influenza, urinalysis)

  • Coordination of care with providers if hospitalization is required

Membership does not require any long term commitments. You may cancel anytime with 30 days notice. If membership is terminated early and you decide to rejoin, a $100 re-enrollment fee applies.